Final Chapter- Beyond Undermountain

Chapter 19- Temple of the Abyss

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Final Chapter (7/15): Beyond Undermountain

Fully rested and ready to finish conquering the temple, the party went back to Belkram’s Fall to see what was beyond the dwarven temple’s double-locked door. Possessing both keys, the group was able to get past the door and found themselves entering a small circular room with a strange portal on one side of the room and a short hall with a door at the opposite side of the entrance. Tenri began to investigate the portal when out of the corner of his eye he caught a small creature darting around the ledges above the group. Ashwell decided to play a song to coax the creature out and succeeded in tempting the small portal drake to reveal itself. Deville and Dog braced themselves for a fight, but Ashwell and Tenri, with the aid of some salted pork, were able to convince the drake to be friendly. The drake took a liking to Ashwell’s music and began following the halfling around. With little else of interest in the room, the adventurers proceeded through the door at the end of the hall.

The room beyond the hall was very dark and contained a sarcophagus in the center of the room and behind the sarcophagus stood a strange pale-white dwarf, well armed and adorned with a crown, accompanied by a large snow wolf. Tenri approached first, attempting to speak to the dwarf while Deville crept along the side of the room to sneak up on the dwarf. Before Deville could close on the dwarf, however, a strange greenish glowing apparition appeared through the wall and screamed a warning to the dwarf. The dwarf simply laughed at the foolishness of the party exclaiming that he was Belkram and the ghost was the spirit of Thane, the wight that had eluded the party long ago ( Chapter 9- Tomb Troubles). Belkram challenged the party and told them he had little mercy to give a pathetic band of honor-less tomb robbing scoundrels. The fight was on.

The first ones to act were Tenri and Deville, who quickly dove in to deal with Thane before he could unleash his mind controlling powers, but Thane was able to withstand their blows and escape through a wall. Infuriated at being ignored, Belkram struck at Tenri with his mighty maul of flame followed by an assault from his monstrous snow wolf that nearly felled the poor rogue. Ashwell began to support the party with his healing spells and bardic songs while Dog tamed the snow wolf and hasted the party with his magic. Eventually Belkram managed to drop Deville and dished out massive damage to Ashwell and Tenri. Dog would have summoned his pack to aid the party, but Thane jumped out through the walls to harass Dog which kept Dog on guard and only able to safely cast his shorter spells. Things were looking dire but Dog managed to destroy Thane with a sonic blast and Ashwell managed to get Deville back on his feet with some healing. Belkram put up a good fight, but in the end was overcome by the combined attacks of the party. With the great king defeated and the temple looted, the party made their way back topside to Waterdeep.

After resting up, selling stuff, and buying goods the party was informed by a street urchin that Deville’s comrades in Loviatar were ready to perform the ritual to turn Deville into the chosen one. The message also warned the group of the urgency in completing this task since the corrupt Whipmaster (High Whipmaster Hlethvagi Anteos) was mustering his forces and had declared Deville’s group to be heretics. The group accompanied Deville and his fellow Loviatar woshippers to the dark sewers of Skullport where they met up with the Skum Lord, an ancient Aboleth, whose powers and resources were necessary for the evil ritual. After much pain and agony, Deville was born anew with flesh flayed and replaced with the thick hide of Umber Hulks. The transformation had made Deville truly frightening to gaze upon and much stronger than he was before. The time to take back the temple of Loviatar from the current Whipmaster was close at hand.

Once Deville recovered from his terrifying change, the party made their way to the temple of Loviatar. Inside the temple walls the party met resistance as droves of temple acolytes and orcs that the whipmaster had hired to protect himself attempted to stop the party. The whipmaster clearly should have found better help, however, as the party was able to cut through the orcs and acolytes like a hot knife through butter. After clearing out most of the temple, the party made their way to the Whipmaster’s quarters and confronted the whipmaster himself, albeit surrounded by some orc chieftains and a handful of sorcerers he had hired. Deville attempted to get Ashwell to deliver the page of Loviatar to the Whipmaster, but the Whipmaster wouldn’t have have it and ordered his posse to attack. Though these personal guards were stronger than the other guards of the temple, the party of adventurers still overpowered the Whipmaster’s personal guard. During the course of the fight, Ashwell made his way through the throng of guards by fascinating them and managed to get the Whipmaster to take the dark page through a sleight of hand trick. The Whipmaster was unable to resist Ashwell’s compel spell and read the page causing him to collapse into a gibbering mess.

The battle appeared to have been won, but before the rest of the guards could be cleared out, Dog mutated into a horrific monstrous two-headed spiked dog creature that began to viciously assault one of the sorcerers near him. Something in dog’s werewolf bloodline had triggered a change in him and he began to go into a blood madness. The rest of the guards were dispatched but Dog had gone insane and began to attack the party while being assisted by the Hound Archon he had summoned before transforming. Tenri and Ashwell attempted to calm the beastly Dog but failed in their attempts. Deville decided to try and wrestle Dog to the ground while Yolanda, one of the Loviatar followers, managed to dispel Dog’s hound archon. Deville was unable to hold down monster Dog and in the process incurred Dog’s wrath. Dog tore Deville a new one (literally, with tooth and claw) and thus pissed off Deville a great deal. Deville and Dog started fighting all out as Yolanda rushed to Deville’s aid. Ashwell played songs to assist his friends and Tenri continued attempts to calm Dog down by summoning a fiendish wolf to try and speak some sense into the crazed Dog. Dog’s transformation eventually wore out and Dog reverted to his human form, but he passed out and Deville was too furious to calm down. It looked like Dog was going to be crushed by Deville, but at just as Deville was going to land the finishing blow Jhesiyra Kestellharp appeared to stop the fighting.

Jhesiyra had been watching over the adventurers for some time and had taken a liking to Dog so she saved him and gave him a single wish, albeit a slightly twisted wish. Jhesiyra took dog’s wish of being one with his pack and living in a safe place and twisted it resulting in transforming Dog into an actual dog that would accompany her back to her keep. With Dog gone and most of their goals achieved, the group decided it best to part ways at this point.

Dog lived on for a while as a pet dog of Jhesiyra, though one day his bloodline powers of mastering transformation allowed him to change back into a human. Dog eventually convinced Jhesiyra to allow him back to his forest where he lived the rest of his days, safe and sound, with his pack.

Deville was given the title of High Whipmaster of the temple of Loviatar, being the chosen one by the dark god Loviater herself. Deville also eventually forged an alliance with Elaith Craulnober to further Deville’s dealings in the agony trade and help spread the teachings of Loviatar. Whether or not Deville’s transformation into the living weapon of Loviatar was enough to protect him from the Devil he was cursed by, only time would tell.

Tenri Taverick was rewarded handsomely by the temple of Loviatar for assisting Deville and reported back to Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun all that had happened throughout his journey. Khelben was proud of Tenri’s accomplishments and the information he had gathered on many of Undermountain’s denizens. Khelben offered Tenri a higher rank commanding a small squad of the moonstars, Tenri agreed but of course only under the pretense that he might be able to keep the treasures they might find on their missions. Tenri was also approached shortly after accepting his moonstar position by Synnal, the secret Fey’ri agent hidden amongst the doppelgangers, and told of a secret portal that would lead to the fallen kingdom of the Fey’ri. Synnal wanted Tenri to join her and a group of Fey’ri that planned to take back their kingdom. After some deliberation and conferring with Khelben, Tenri decided to venture forth with Synnal to learn more about the Fey’ri and discover what great treasures lie in the kingdom of his ancestors.

Ashwell Fiddlebender took the money he had gained from adventuring with the party and the reward from the Temple of Loviatar to build his own concert hall in Waterdeep. Ashwell continued to hate on nobles and ended up becoming famous amongst the common folk for his unusual performances and cheap prices that catered exclusively to non-nobles.

Ataraxian of the Twelve Corners was indeed teleported back to the lair of Jhesiyra Kestellharp in Chapter 16- Bag of Betrayal where he learned much more in the ways of ancient magics, but was also kept something of a prisoner by the whimsical Jhesiyra. Eventually Ataraxian managed to escape, thanks to Dog becoming Jhesiyra’s new favorite interest, and returned to Halister’s Heirs where he finished learning the ways of his ancient dragon bloodline and eventually completed his quest to become a powerful dragon disciple.

Brisbane turned out to be a secret agent of the Shining Eye and teamed up with their other agent, Jaxsen, to finish exploring the depths of Undermountain. They eventually found Halister, long since dead, and an extremely powerful magic lodestone that was Halister’s final creation before passing on (and the source of the earthquakes and dreams). Harnessing the power of Halister’s artifact lodestone, the Shining Eye became an incredibly powerful guild- but at what price would this power cost? Halister was known to be a mad mage and who knows what kind of traps or strange magical properties he may have imbued within the stone…

Squammulsh happily took up work for the Yawning Portal as their resident trash receptacle after Durnan the Wanderer found out about a friendly mimic residing near the entrance to Undermountain.

Gertrude continued to terrorize the countryside surrounding Waterdeep that she was freed in and eventually became a living legend- the alpha of a pack of hundreds of killer raptors, a name spoken in fear and reverence, and a tale told to scare children into behaving.

Final Chapter- Beyond Undermountain

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