Trobriand the Metal Mage

Ex-student of Halaster


male human
Wizard 18


Trobriand is a wizard and former student of Halaster Blackcloak who lives in Undermountain. Although he is a powerful mage in his own right, Trobiand does not pose a threat to Halaster himself. He specializes in magical metal creations. He thinks of his creations as being superior to other creatures. He has a trusted Gondsman golem named Crunch.

Trobriand is tall and very thin with long grey hair, and clean-shaven. He appears to be frail but despite this, his magic keeps his physical condition good.

Very recently, Trobriand, along with Murial the Misshapen, has started an academy of magic in the Dungeon Level of Undermountain. The college is known as Halaster’s Heirs, and their purpose appears to be to allow magic users to research any and all arcane arts, regardless of how society might view them.

Trobriand the Metal Mage

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