Murial the Misshapen

Ex-student of Halaster


male tauric human/Large monstrous scorpion

Barbarian 3/Wizard 14/Archmage 2


Muiral was once a bodyguard for Halaster Blackcloak. He abandoned his warrior ways,to study the Art under the tutelage of the great wizard. Muiral was the first of the Seven to follow the Mad Mage into Undermountain, passing the “tests” of Halaster’s guardian monsters. Muiral established his lair amid the ruins of Kyorlamshin and began studying “superior” physical forms.

After he had spent decades experimenting on drow, spiders, and vermin, Muiral’s research led to his catastrophic transformation into a half-human, half-scorpion abomination.

In the centuries since his transformation, Muiral the Misshapen has wandered the deep ways of Undermountain, stalking and killing all who cross his path. His rage at his own stupidity for taking this powerful but hideous form – coupled with the degenerative effects of Undermountain that also afflict Halaster – has led him into extended bouts of madness.

Only recently has Muiral regained a degree of lucidity. He now seeks to continue his research, in hopes of achieving a new and better form. Once again, he has taken apprentices under his tutelage, but he views them more as experimental fodder than as wards for whom he is responsible. Very recently, Murial, along with Trobriand, has started an academy of magic in the Dungeon Level of Undermountain. The college is known as Halaster’s Heirs, and their purpose appears to be to allow magic users to research any and all arcane arts, regardless of how society might view them.

Murial the Misshapen

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