High Whipmaster Hlethvagi Anteos

High Cleric of Loviatar's Temple


male Chondathan human
cleric 10 [Loviatar]


High Whipmaster Hlethvagi Anteos is a fat, wispy-bearded, sinister little man who favors fine robes, silken sashes and waistcoats, bejeweled daggers, and fine whips. He enjoys only two things in life: inflicting pain and staying filthy rich. Hlethvagi has long led a double-life in Waterdeep; his public persona is that of a somewhat prosperous warehouse-operator, carter, and moneylender who lives in a mansion in Sea Ward and runs a business based in Southern Ward, but most of his fortune comes from his undercover trade run through a web of intermediaries. His minions have controlled the Long Dark Stair – a fabled, long-forgotten entrance to Undermountain – for nearly two decades. He rarely exposes himself to danger, and is never without a group of bodyguards.

After years of leading foul worship services to Loviatar in various cellars in Dock Ward, Hlethvagi funded the construction of a new temple in the northwestern chambers of Undermountain’s first level in the Year of the Banner (1368 DR). The House of Pain is now a growing power in the upper reaches of Undermountain, guarded by the orcs of the Grinning Skull tribe. It is drawing increasing support from various disaffected nobles.

High Whipmaster Hlethvagi Anteos

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