Ellithral the Golden

The Sneaky Bard


male half-elf
bard 5


Ellithral is well known for his honeyed voice and repertoire of tales. He earned his sobriquet both for his heritage and his charm. The half-elf has long made a living in the taproom of the Yawning Portal Inn, selling adventurers halfbaked truths and wishful rumors for small amounts of coin. Ellithral is quick to buy a drink for any individuals who exit the well alive, offering them a much- needed libation in exchange for an immediate recounting of their tale. Durnan the Wanderer has long tolerated Ellithral’s presence, for the credulous half-elf has proven himself relatively harmless, although his willingness to purchase and sell wild tales only adds to the amount of misinformation swirling about the tavern. Recently Ellithral has formed a partnership with Errya Eltorchul who has asked her good friend Ellithral to quietly direct those of the Called who are relatively wealthy to a discreet rendezvous in the depths (the Hall of Many Pillars) where they can purchase “one-of-a-kind, recently procured, up-to-date” maps of Undermountain.

Ellithral the Golden

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