Expedition to Undermountain

The Sluggard Goblins

Sluggard Ambush

The party was lowered into the Entry Well, an area well known to the patrons of the Yawning Portal Inn and those who dare the depths. In recent months, this hall and the surrounding corridors and chambers had been claimed by the Sluggard goblin tribe. The Sluggards, whose name had degenerated from the original Slug-herd mantle it once claimed, occupied the corridors and chambers north of the Entry Well. The Sluggards were known for their control of a metalmaster, a monster that resembled a giant slug and has the ability to attract metal. The Sluggards regularly patrolled the immediate environs of the Entry Well and were not above preying on wounded, treasure-carrying adventurers—or even healthy, unwary adventurers who appeared to have something the Sluggards want.

The party easily took care of the goblin sentries in the immediate area of the Entry Well, but upon their return to Well, had a little more trouble with the metalmaster and its whip-masters. They tried to escape up the Well, but the metalmaster used its attraction powers to yank the bucket back and dislodge some of the party back below. After a tough fight, the party won out however, and the days of the Sluggard’s control of the territory came to an end.



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