Expedition to Undermountain

The Hall of Shattered Mirrors

Our Party Makes a Friend

Our party ventured forth into this long hall littered with shards of glass. Five-foot-deep alcoves were set into the walls on either side at five-foot intervals. Large, empty wooden frames hung in each niche, with bits of shattered mirror clinging to their inside edges like broken teeth in gaping mouths. The frames bore ornate carvings of ghoulish faces and demonic forms. As they passed down the hall, the party members noted that the frame hanging in each alcove appeared to be unique. One was carved with daisy flowers, another with roses, and still another with the feathers of some bird. Two unbroken mirrors hung just ahead on their right and left. Mirrors like these two were clearly the source of the glass covering the floor. A clear mirror framed with wooden carvings of dolphins and fish hung in a niche on the north side of the wall, and a cloudy mirror with ghoulish faces hangs over a flat section of wall where it seems a niche would normally be.

The first mirror, that with the ghoulish faces, nearly entrapped certain members of the party in an illusion in which they were being attacked by ghosts leaping forth from the mirror. This was nothing but an illusion however, and the spell was broken once they realized what was happening.

The second mirror however, was in actuality a Mimic, named Squammulsh. The mimic had been lurking here hoping to find food, and he was not above attacking and eating unwary adventurers who mistook him for a mirror. This nearly became the fate of Tenri, who was immediately grasped by Squammulsh‘s psuedopods. Squammulsh then negotiated for Tenri’s release. In exchange the party agreed to give him rations and acohol, especially alcohol, which Squammulsh enjoys with a certain zeal. From this encounter onward, Squammulsh agreed to help the party by spying on those that passed, by lending aid if it was not too dangerous, as long as the party would occasionally bring him food and beverage when they came that way.



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