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This is the Wiki for Expedition To Undermountain, a campaign being played in the Forgotten Realms, beginning with four 1st-level characters.





Tenri’s Book

Chapter 1- Before Undermountain
Chapter 2- Their First Taste of the Dark
Chapter 3- Halaster’s Heirs
Chapter 4- The Insidious Flaming Skull
Chapter 5- Extinguishing the Flame
Chapter 6- The Ring
Chapter 7- Beyond the Portal
Chapter 8- The Doppelganger Gang
Chapter 9- Tomb Troubles
Chapter 10- Attack of the clones
Chapter 11- The Shadows Walk Among Us
Chapter 12- Of Paladins and Pirates and Missing Persons
Chapter 13- The Cult of Snakes
Chapter 14- Cut off the Head
Chapter 15- Welcome to Belkram’s Fall
Chapter 16- Bag of Betrayal
Chapter 17- The Sacred Text of a Dark Goddess
Chapter 18- The Pillars of Bone
Chapter 19- Temple of the Abyss
Final Chapter- Beyond Undermountain

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