Chapter 9- Tomb Troubles

Chapter 8- The Doppelganger Gang

Chapter 9 (2/26): Tomb Troubles

Beyond Hukurus’ lair the group battled some skeletons and found a dying man, a mortally wounded adventurer/noble who had come down with his brother to gather riches long lost to their family line- riches that were buried within a tomb that lay just ahead. The man’s dying wish was that the group bring back the riches to his family and restore them to the glory they once had… what terrible luck for this group to be the one he entrusted his dying wish to, the group looted his corpse including his family signet and things of value. They then struck on the idea of feeding the corpse to Hukurus in case they should need a copy of this noble to exploit, er, aid in future dealings with waterdeep- can’t hurt to have someone well known saying and doing exactly what you want them to!

Deciding to finish exploring before heading into the tomb, the group explored the last room- a room full of fungi emanating deadly spores and a giant mud bit beyond the fungi. Within they battled a carrion crawler and spent a lot of time poking some mud. They also found the corpse of the sibling the dying adventurer had mentioned and took his signet.

The time had come to enter the tomb, it was locked up but that’s nothing our clever and crafty rogue Tenri couldn’t open in a jiffy. Deciding it best to not send the entire party, Tenri and Deville stealthily scouted out ahead- but this tomb turned out to be magically guarded by a semi-lich like being, a wight that was the descendant of the fallen nobles. The wight demanded to know why they had trespassed in his tomb and that they leave immediately. Tenri sought to talk their way out of a fight, beguiling the wight into believing that they had entered the tomb for the wight’s descendants to restore glory to their house. The wight parted with many a treasure with and gave the explicit command that all be given to his descendants or they would suffer the consequences- but something was amiss, Tenri spotted more treasure within the sarcophagus of the wight, the old bastard was holding out on them! Not wanting to pick a fight quite yet, Deville and Tenri returned to the group with the treasures given in tow. The group had to make a decision- to either take what they were given for themselves and risk the scorn or possible curse of this wight, give the treasure to the needy family (psh, yeah right!), or bust the wight’s face in and take it all. Option “destroy the wight and take everything” appeared to be the most appealing option, but first all agreed that it would be best to rest up before taking on a powerful undead.

On the way back to the doppelganger merchants camp something seemed amiss, none of the merchant group’s alarms were working correctly and the sounds of battle were heard ahead. Everyone rushed forth to find the Merchants attacked by a swarm of floating eye creatures, some kind of beholder spawn. Most of the merchants were already defeated or driven insane by the mind altering affects of the eyes. Battle was quickly joined with the sole remaining merchant as our adventurers helped fight back the swarm of devious eye-monsters. After killing the eye creatures, the merchants were grateful and agreed to give the party portal tokens to allow access back to Waterdeep and allow an audience with their guild to learn more about Undermountain and hopefully recruit the party to their cause. One of the merchants, going by the name of Synnal, agreed to travel with the adventurers to show them to the area of Skullport where the merchant guild is located and to aid the group in their adventures. The group decided they will visit Skullport- but first they have a certain treasure hoarding wight to deal with.

Rested and up a party member, the group made their way back to the tomb of the wight. The group reached the tomb door, readied their spells and attacks, then broke back into the tomb to put an end to the evil wight. The wight put up a good fight, even managed to temporarily drain Deville’s life force and charm Dog with a spectral form, but in the end succumbed to the fangs, claws, fists, and roguish grace of the party. The only troublesome thing being that the spectral form of the wight had vanished through a wall, so whether or not the wight is truly destroyed or not remains to be seen.

Chapter 10- Attack of the clones

Chapter 9- Tomb Troubles

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