Chapter 8- The Doppelganger Gang

Chapter 7- Beyond the Portal

Chapter 8 (2/19): The Doppelganger Gang

Once the grimlocks were dealt with, the party decided to head back to the merchant’s camp to restock and rest up. Not fully trusting the merchants quite yet, the group decided to set up watches through the night. While resting, Brutram left his watch post with Tenri for purposes unknown to the group- only Tenri knew he had left but not why. Brutram returned and the rest of the watch proved to be uneventful. Once the group was fully rested, Ataraxian decided he would stay at the camp in order to craft magical items for Halister’s Heirs while the group would proceed without him.

Shortly after leaving the merchant’s area, Brutram pulled the party aside to reveal a great secret he’d been keeping. Believing everyone could be trusted, Brutram confided to the party that his recent affliction was actually a sign that he had long since been dead and that he was actually a doppelganger of Brutram- an exact copy as were most of the creatures residing in this area; the drow, grimlocks, dwarves, and even the very merchants they were just with! Brutram believes that if the group were to work together, they could control the other doppelganger’s and begin to take over Undermountain for the sake of restoring balance and peace. Dog, simply wanting to restore peace to his home disrupted by undead spewing forth from Undermountain, agreed to Brutram’s plan. Tenri, wanting mostly riches & glory, agreed that it would be better to be ahead of the curve rather than having others be in control. Deville, deciding it would work in his best interests agreed to do this as well but also decided it was time he confided his tragic past with the group. Deville is only playing along at being a servant of Loviatar, he is actually a cursed Tiefling- doomed to lose himself to a devil if he can’t find some means of preventing the dark creature from devouring his soul. Deville believes that his only hope for retaining his self lies within Undermountain. Heavy stuff, man. Now that all the secrets were on the table, the adventurers would be able to come further to terms with each other and better proceed towards their common goal of bringing balance to Undermountain.

Now, with more purpose to their cause, the group set out to explore the rest of the surrounding area. First stop was the evil drow camp, this time around the group decided they had to be dealt with and so a skirmish occurred. Once the drow were defeated, the group interrogated them with some help from the merchants as translators, but didn’t really find much information. Beyond the drow was a room full of rubble and a nasty surprise waiting for everyone- a deep spawn and some more grimlocks hidden in the gravel pit in the center of the room. The Deep Spawn are ferocious snake-like creatures, large and composed of writhing tentacles (Tenri had to steel himself for this one), snake heads, and capable of spawning exact replicas of the creatures it devours- now the mystery of why all the drow, dwarves, and grimlocks were doppelgangers had been revealed. A terrible battle ensued and once victory was nearly assured the deep spawn surprised the group by instead surrendering itself rather than be killed. Tenri of course would see all tentacled things burn in the seven hells they belong, but the group managed to talk Tenri down and reached a compromise with the creature known as Hukurus, the Deepspawn; a non-aggression pact and that the creature part with the treasures the group detected or be killed. Seeing it as the only choice, the creature agreed and told the adventurers to be wary of the undead that lay ahead before submerging itself back into its gravel pit.

After their fierce battle, the gang returned to the merchant camp to rest once again- only this time Tenri had decided it was time he put Khelben’s teachings to the test and see if he had the mettle to be a wizard or not. After preparing some spells and pouring through his books, Tenri performed a ritual to bind magic to himself and summoned forth a familiar- Compy the Compsognathus, a tiny dinosaur. With familiar and spellbook in tow, Tenri can now proudly claim himself a wizard; it turns out all of his master’s teachings over the years weren’t wasted after all.

Chapter 9- Tomb Troubles

Chapter 8- The Doppelganger Gang

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