Chapter 7- Beyond the Portal

Chapter 6- The Ring

Chapter 7 (2/12): Beyond the Portal

The full band got back together again and ventured to the area of Undermountain beyond the portal- to the areas found on the other map. On the other side they found a group of friendly merchants that had set up shop and found out that the portal they passed was one-way: to get out of Undermountain would require a 4000g key to a portal, a long many day journey spelunking through a cavern, or some other means such as an undiscovered portal back. Not willing to pay the fee or risk pissing off their new safe haven by having Tenri steal a key, the group decided to explore their new, hopefully temporary, home.

The first major discovery of note was a room of swirling slowing fog that contained a carrion crawler that the group quickly dispatched. Though the fog seemed to drain in the center of the room, swirling in a circle around the center, there didn’t appear to be anything the party could do here at this time. Beyond that lay a sacrificial altar room with pillars that crush things placed beneath them and a strange group of dwarves sealing off paths with stone in the room beyond that. Unable to communicate with the dwarves, everybody decided to head back to the merchants for more advice and discovered that the dwarves were harmless and that nearby there were the Drow, Grimlocks, and a special shiny golden dais that should not be approached unless you want to be attacked by living armor. The group decided to explore the living armor room next, discovered a secret compartment with potions of cure serious wounds and a portal that could not be used yet- beyond that there was nothing else in the area.

The group next went to where Drow were spotted in the area, but being unable to communicate with the Drow and not especially wanting to start a fight for no reason the group backed away form the Drow and instead went to investigate the Grimlocks. The Grimlock area was protected by a veil of darkness that turned out to be eminating from a pair of statues. Thanks to Tenri’s advice, the adventurers worked together to destroy the statues restoring light to the area and allowing the group to take on the grimlocks without half the group being disabled due to darkness.

Chapter 8- The Doppelganger Gang

Chapter 7- Beyond the Portal

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