Chapter 6- The Ring

Chapter 5- Extinguishing the Flame

Chapter 6 (2/5): The Ring

This expedition saw the members short Ataraxian again, as he was still too engrossed in his magical studies, however despite this the exploration proved a great success. This time around the adventurers managed to finish mapping out the first major floor of Under Mountain and saw a fair number of battles and treasures.

The first stop for the group was down a hallway lined by 2 ladders leading up to small crawlspaces. Upon investigating Tenri was ambushed by a choker (the same tentacled villain that the group fought much earlier in the dungeon) leading to many high pitched and frantic girl-like screams on his part. The first choker managed to tie up Dog and Tenri before another choker came along and entered the battle as well. The battle was tough, but the group managed to come out on top thanks to Deville pulling the one choking Tenri and Dog down which allowed the group to quickly focus down the second one. Inside their crawlspace the group found a Mithral Chain Shirt, something that Tenri was quick to take for himself.

After dealing with the chokers and looting, the party carried on till they found themselves in a giant room with a portaled door that was impassable bearing an inscription and many other adventurer’s corpses. Another fight ensued with a small pack of Grells (weird tentacle metroid-like things with beaks) in which again Tenri was forced to back away in a fit of fear while Deville and Brutram’s raptor Gertrude held the front line. The group managed to destroy the menacing creatures and find some treasure, but were not able to pass the barrier blocking the portal.

Backtracking from the portal room lead the group down some more hallways to another portal that one must walk backwards to pass through, this portal leading to the other map the group acquired from the flaming skull. It was decided that the current map should be fully explored before the group move on, so they instead moved towards the outskirts of the current area. Some more exploring revealed and emptied library and a burned page of information that was of no consequence and a well that contained a spider-spewing ooze to beat up.

The last area the group explored was a magically trapped staircase that would cave in upon itself if approached from the wrong direction. After figuring out the collapsing trick, the group found a way up the staircase but were than assaulted by two fireball-esque creatures. After dealing with them, a weird shimmering web of white energy appeared before everyone- the same as Dog’s dream of grabbing a ring from the web. After MUCH EXTREME OVER THE TOP caution, Dog finally made his way to the web and pulled forth a ring from it. With a seemingly powerful magic ring in tow, the group decided to head to a more trusted source of information and returned to the city to confer all that had happened with Tenri’s mentor, Khelben Blackstaff. The powerful wizard revealed it to be a ring of many powers (including teleport and negat magic on self at will), a minor artifact of the Mad Mage’s apprentices. Khelben also extended an invitation to all but Deville (who was busy beating up some thugs to please his evil god) to join his group dedicated to maintaining balance and peace, the Moonstars- though those invited had some time to think before deciding. Brutram also asked Khelben about a weird affliction that had been affecting him, but Khelben couldn’t tell off hand and would require some time to get back to Brutram. Satisfied with their findings, the rest of the party made to leave but Tenri remained behind.

After the rest of the party left, Tenri pulled aside his mentor and told him about his Fey-ri blood becoming fully a part of him again and wished to start receiving the tutoring in the arcane arts that they had once abandoned. After spending some more time with Khelben, Tenri learned much from the great Wizard and received some books to aid in his study. Tenri may well be on the path to becoming a wizard, though he will never deny his roguish talents and heart either- there is still much treasure and gold yet to be acquired!

Chapter 7- Beyond the Portal

Chapter 6- The Ring

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