Chapter 5- Extinguishing the Flame

Chapter 4- The Insidious Flaming Skull

Chapter 5 (1/29): Extinguishing the Flame

Not learning from their previous excursion while short members of their party, the group decided to set out again a member short- this time without Ataraxian who was too caught up in his studies at the magic academy to join the adventurers.

Returning to the crypt, the party explored a little of the area surrounding it before stumbling upon a large room with an altar and a giant tapestry of a Dragon. Dog cast detect magic which caused skeletons to charge forth from behind the altar, one that was casting spells from afar and the other phasing in and out of existence as it closed in for melee. Once one of the skeletons was defeated, the flaming skull from the previous adventure decided to reveal itself, blurry and possessing mirror images of itself, by loosing a giant fireball on the party. Luckily Tenri and Deville are resistant to fire, but the same could not be said for Brutram and his raptor who shortly fell to the skull’s fiery attacks. Believing the skull to be unbeatable without the destruction of its phylactery, the few remaining party members urgently scoured the room for clues as to the phylactery’s location while attempting to fend off the skull’s attacks.

Tenri managed to figure out the trick to lighting the altar which revealed behind the tapestry a hidden room. Within the room was some treasure- a raven figurine, an egg, a mw longsword, and some maps (one of another area in Undermountain). After discerning that the egg was the phylactery with Dog’s help, Tenri smashed the egg causing the skull to cry out in pain- but not instantly defeating it, the adventurers would have to finish him the hard way. After some struggle and clever spell usage to get the flying skull back to the ground, the party managed to defeat the flame skull. That’s what you get for messing with this intrepid group of bad asses.

Chapter 6- The Ring

Chapter 5- Extinguishing the Flame

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