Chapter 4- The Insidious Flaming Skull

Chapter 3- Halaster’s Heirs

Chapter 4 (1/22): The Insidious Flaming Skull

Before the band could set out on their quest, Brutram caught a bad case of the black lung and was forced to remain at the academy sick and abed. The others decided to leave him behind for the time being to further explore the depths. This proved a bad idea; without a healer or valiant raptor to tank the damage the group nearly met their doom.

First our adventurers were set upon by a ghost-like wight in a hallway pooled with oil & water- most attacks proved ineffectual against him. Only the flesh rending monstrosities summoned by Dog and the blunt strikes of Deville’s staff were able to do any noticeable harm to the foul creature. After felling the undead menace, the group discovered a Dwarven burial ground guarded by a vocal warning system demanding trespassers leave- however nothing came of the warnings as the crypt had apparently been long ago ransacked. Being battered from their previous skirmish, the group decided it would be a good idea to rest inside the dungeon before pressing forward- however this proved to be a fatal mistake.

Deep into the watch the group was set upon by a swarm of undead hands (yes, disembodied scampering hands). Being weak and wounded from the wight, no one was prepared to deal with the horde- it quickly overtook the group and would have had them all as they dropped one after the other leaving only Dog… luckily Tenri was able to dish out enough damage before he went down to allow Dog’s dog to dispatch the remaining members of the horde. Battered, weakened, and near dead the party barely managed to stabilize themselves and crawl out of the depths back to the academy. After healing up, Tenri came up with a rather brilliant idea, revolutionary really- if we don’t want to die down here we should probably bring something to heal ourselves with. After securing potions and selling treasures they found, a second expedition to the area beyond the oil hallway went under way, only they didn’t make it that far.

The second trip to the oil pool hallway proved far worse than the first, this time 3 wights emerged to attack. Seeing that the menace was far greater than anything they had faced, Deville knew the monsters had to be suppressed in some way else the party would be overtaken quickly. Acting quick, Deville grappled and pinned down a ghoul proving very effective- disabling them to allow the casters the safety they needed to cast would prove the path to victory. After a hard struggle to grapple & trip down a few of the undead beings, a flaming skull hovered in from beyond the other side of the hall. Yes, a flaming skull over the OIL filled hallway. Things were going from bad to worse but luckily Dog was able to command one of his summoned dogs to pluck the flaming skull from the air and hold it tight within its jaws before it could set the oil ablaze. Knowing time was of the essence before the skull broke loose, Tenri grappled the wight blocking passage back to safety which allowed the rest of the party to double back out of the oil. After Tenri was the last one in the hallway, he disengaged himself from the wight, took a hit for the team, and dove out of harms way to cast a burning lantern into the oil. The ghouls were intelligent enough to submerge beneath the water, but the team was able to take down the monsters from relative safety (not burning to death is a plus). After destroying the summoned dog and seeing his undead buddies lost, the flaming skull flew off… his day will come.

Upon returning again to the academy, Tenri felt the last bonds of his runic demon ward break free. Perhaps the closeness to the powerful magics of the academy and the aura of death eminating from the lich-like flaming skull tore away the shards of what remained. Tenri is now a complete and full Fey’ri bearing both the gifts and curses of his demonic infused elven blood. Perhaps at some point Tenri may follow in the footsteps of his wizard mentor now that the magic ward is no longer obscuring his latent abilities…

Chapter 5- Extinguishing the Flame

Chapter 4- The Insidious Flaming Skull

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