Chapter 3- Halaster's Heirs

Chapter 2- Their First Taste of the Dark

Chapter 3 (1/15): Halaster’s Heirs

After returning from an excursion into the depths to rest and prepare the party found a new companion to join them (another oddball of course) at the Yawning Portal Inn. This brings the party to a “good” five members: The daring, dashing, and amazingly awesome rogue, Tenri; The ever cryptic dog-minded sorcerer, Dog; The self-inflicting monk of pain, Deville; The raptor lord and druid, Brutram and his faithful raptor companion Gertrude; and then finally the newest member, the dragon clawed sorcerer, Ataraxian.

Before the group could depart again to the dark caverns it was revealed to them by a local bard that a college of magic resides in Undermountain. The college has interests in the arcane members of the group and seeks an audience with its members, potentially regarding membership, arcane knowledge, and information regarding the earthquakes of Undermountain and the visions that recently visited many. Not able to resist the allure of such a proposition, our band met with the headmasters of the college- both former apprentices of the mad mage (Halaster Blackcloak), the creator of Undermountain; one headmaster half-scorpion (Murial the Misshapen) and the other a master of Golemancy (Trobriand the Metal Mage). The headmasters promised college membership to the sorcerers and information regarding the mysterious visions should the group be able to pass a series of trials to prove their worth; The trials of Intelligence, Strength, and wisdom.

The first trial, the trial of Intelligence, involved demonstrating knowledge of Waterdeep and the ability to gather information. Needless to say, the group would have been hopelessly lost if it weren’t for the greatness of Tenri’s mental prowess and connections within the city. The trial was passed with flying colors, easy as cake.

The second trial, the trial of Strength, saw the adventurers fighting giant spiders and a scorpion in an arena. Tenri may or may not have been knocked unconscious and battered by the opponents, but we won’t speak of that since the group managed to defeat the monsters and pass the trial.

The final trial, the trial of Wisdom, pitted the gang against three chests and three guardians- a sleeping dragon, a goblin, and a motionless steel golem. After nearly waking the dragon a few times due to room acoustics and loud noises, the group figured a way to negotiate with the goblin a trade of chest for gold. Once again, another trial bested.

Upon passing the trials Ataraxian decided to join the college, though Dog held back wishing more time to consider the offer. The Headmasters kept their word and told the adventurers of their visions and their catalogue of objects and places they recorded. The headmasters then requested that the group explore further into the depths and bring back any information they may find regarding what the mad archmage may be up to.

Chapter 4- The Insidious Flaming Skull

Chapter 3- Halaster's Heirs

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