Chapter 2- Their First Taste of the Dark

Chapter 1- Before Undermountain

Chapter 2 (12/11): Their First Taste of the Dark

As luck would have it, Tenri’s master came to him one day after a series of earthquakes rumbled beneath Waterdeep revealing a vision he had of Tenri entering Undermountain with a mysterious group of adventurers. Excited at the prospect of adventure, Tenri prepared himself and left for the Yawning Portal Inn in search of destiny. Sure enough, there Tenri was approached by an intrepid group of adventurers (albeit a very odd and unusual group) who were drawn to the Undermountain by the same visions that had plagued many people across the land following the mysterious earthquakes. Together, the group set out to explore the cavernous reaches below Waterdeep: the great Undermountain.

After a series of trials and events, Tenri ran into a string of bad luck and had several near brushes with death at the hands (tentacles, really) of several denizens of Undermountain. After being strangled, constricted, and head wrapped by several tentacled monstrosities, Tenri has developed something of a slight phobia regarding all creatures possessing writhing elongated appendages. Not all was for naught, however, aside from the treasure found, the closeness to death has awakened some of the Fey’ri blood within Tenri and instilled in him some of the power that was sealed within.

The group battled a metalmaster, some goblins, a choker, some darkmantles, and a mimic (Squammulsh, whom rather than kill they instead befriended). They also managed to acquire a map of Undermountain detailing their surrounding area and things up ahead. The druid of the group also acquired a magic giant centipede summoning gauntlet.

Chapter 3- Halaster’s Heirs

Chapter 2- Their First Taste of the Dark

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