Chapter 19- Temple of the Abyss

Chapter 18- The Pillars of Bone

Chapter 19 (7/8): Temple of the Abyss

A few days passed of selling goods and tying up a few loose ends before the party made their way back to Belkram’s Fall. Returning to the bone platforms, the group found the fungi works to be a bit slower than expected and ended up spending some time helping them finish breaking down the platform blocking the lift. The group managed to smash through the platform (nearly crushing the lift in the process) and continued their descent into the darkness below. Eventually a light appeared below the lift as it descended into what appeared to be a massive temple. Inside the temple were glowing braziers of fire each illuminating one of 8 pillars with carvings depicting the Dwarven pantheon of gods. It didn’t take long to figure out that the pillars each had a jewel-sized slot carved into their sides and that this was where the jewels the group collected a while ago were meant to be inserted. Upon inserting the pantheon’s gems a platform arose from the center of the room with one last slot for the final god-less gem. Sure enough the platform began to sink into the ground and revealed a lift further into the heart of the Dwarven temple.

The party followed the lift down into a room filled with giant dwarven (oxymoron there) statues, one of which dog detected was very magical and Tenri detected what he believe to be a trap covering the floor of the room. The group was able to put two and two together and prepared themselves for a battle with the Dwarven giant statue, once ready the group stepped off of the lift and sure enough the statue sprang to life to attack the adventurers. The statue had a few tricks up it’s sleeve including blinking through space and some hard hitting hammer swings, but Ashwell’s mandolin was too strong for the golem as he dealt the final blow to break the golem to bits (somehow a mandolin beats stone, who knew). Beyond the statue room and behind a hidden door, a stairway lead the group further down and through a short anti-magic room that branched down three different paths.

The first path the adventurers chose lead them to a room with 4 sarcophagi and a hidden door behind one. Each sarcophagus contained a dead Dwarven king and some loot that the group happily robbed, er, respectfully lifted from the dead (what, they weren’t going to use that stuff). Beyond the secret path lay a hall the eventually winded around to a pit with a gelatinous cube at the bottom of it, but the cube was unable to escape from the pit so the group dispatched it with some ranged attacks. Beyond the cube was another door at the bottom of the pit that ended in a room with a single stone sarcophagus and inside that sarcophagus was some nasty slime that burned Tenri and Deville pretty good but also contained an adamantium key.

The group made their way back to the intersection and went down another one of the paths. Down the path lay a few traps, a sonic one that caught Tenri off guard and a strange earthy break in the stone temple floor that a Xorn jumped from to attack the group, all things the group was able to handle (though the Xorn did rough up a few people a bit). Beyond the Xorn room lay a strangely empty hallway full of alcoves leading into another room with a pair of gargoyles guarding another key, this one made of mithril. The group dispatched the gargoyles, although only after an interesting tug of war match between Deville and a gargoyle to keep Tenri from being dragged away by the gargoyles.

With another key in their possession, the group went down the final path of the intersection. Beyond a second sonic trap room the group ran into another Xorn ambush and a secret door with two key slots and a gem slot on it. The party took down the Xorn, but was somewhat weakened from all of the encounters they recently had and decided to head back out to rest up for the time being.

Chapter 19- Temple of the Abyss

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