Chapter 17- The Sacred Text of a Dark Goddess

Chapter 16- Bag of Betrayal

Chapter 17 (6/25): The Sacred Text of a Dark Goddess

While recovering from their ordeal at a local inn, Tenri began to pack away things in the bag of holding and instead found that the bag already contained a few things in it. Within the bag were some weird leather straps and a mysterious ancient looking page of text. At first the text appeared to be infernal to Tenri, but upon reading further a dark hex took hold of Tenri as a chorus of voices flooded his mind causing him to lose most of his conscience reducing him to a driveling mess. Dog and Deville went to Tenri’s aid but attempts to remove the curse placed on Tenri proved unsuccessful.

Deville began to hear the page calling out to him and decided to read it- instead of being cursed like Tenri, however, Deville was empowered for a short time by an angelic chorus of pain and pleasure. With some assistance from Dog casting comprehend language, Deville was able to interpret the ancient text and learned it was possibly the writings of the evil goddess of pain, Loviatar herself. The text contained a ritual detailing the use of the leather straps as a weapon that could be bonded with a person’s hands and began to detail the possibility of turning oneself into a living weapon before being cut off, this was but a page of something much greater. Deville was ecstatic at the realization that this was the thing he sought in Undermountain, this was the great weapon he dreamed of that lead him to this place. Deville would need assistance from his friends at the temple of Loviatar in order to perform the rituals needed to activate the leather straps and to help with researching the means of becoming a living weapon of the dark goddess. First things first, though, the group needed to find a way to recover Tenri from the curse placed upon him. After inquiring around the village Dog managed to find a local priest (of an order that is essentially the opposite of Loviatar, those who believe in receiving pain to help others, Dog managed to hide this from Deville however) that was able to purify the vile hex placed upon Tenri, restoring him to his former self.

With Tenri back, the group decided to re-stock back at Skullport before heading back to Waterdeep to pursue Deville’s greater purpose in Loviatar, once restocked they set out for Waterdeep. Upon reaching Waterdeep the adventurers made their way to Halister’s Heirs instead of the temple itself, after some deliberation they decided the corrupt master of the temple may stop them from using the page or do much worse depending on how much of a threat he perceived the group to be. Tenri went into Halister’s Heirs to bring Yolanda, the hidden Loviatar agent, out to a secluded part of Undermountain to avoid any suspicion from the Heirs. Reluctantly Yolanda followed and upon meeting with the rest of the group read the text and had a similar reaction to Deville’s. After recovering from the initial euphoria and studying the text in detail Yolanda’s findings affirmed what Deville believed, they had indeed found an ancient artifact- the sacred text of the dark goddess Loviatar. Not wanting to waste any time, they both decided to perform the ritual right away to (very painfully) bond the leather to Deville’s fists. After performing the ritual, Deville found the leather to empower his fists allowing him to form magical spikes whenever he clenched his fists. Yolanda asked to keep the script in order to further study it and proposed that they begin preparing a plan to overthrow the tyrannical temple master- if the master has truly fallen from grace with Loviatar they might be able to use the text to the same effect it had on Tenri. Deville agreed and since the adventurers had little else they could do to help, they decided to venture back to Belkram’s Fall.

Chapter 18- The Pillars of Bone

Chapter 17- The Sacred Text of a Dark Goddess

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