Chapter 16- Bag of Betrayal

Chapter 15- Welcome to Belkram’s Fall

Chapter 16 (6/3): Bag of Betrayal

After resting up a bit, the party awoke to find that Ataraxian had gone completely missing. It was almost as if he had been whisked away late at night. Tenri detected a strong translocation spell, which left the party to believe it may have been the ring’s doing.

Not able to leave the way they came and down a party member, the group decided to journey further into the depths to try and find a way out. The first stop was to collect a few more Dwarven god gems amongst the guard towers to complete the set. Collecting the last few gems was mostly uneventful, the only things of note that happened was a few more skirmishes with some Grell and one of the gems being a blank gem without a Dwarven god depicted on it. After collecting the last of the pantheon gems, the expedition made its way to a lift at the end of the guard towers that went further down into the magma tube of Belkram’s Fall.

At the bottom of the second lift, beyond a few more anti-magic barriers, lay a large clearing where what appeared to be a Dwarven citadel lay in devastated ruin. Whatever had destroyed the Dwarven citadel had been on a cataclysmic scale, rubble and waste lay everywhere with the area masked in a stench of death. An initial survey of the area surrounding the lift revealed a few Drow coins, some trinkets, and some gems but nothing of great value. As the group continued to search through the rubble, the party noticed the Drow members suddenly acting excited over something they found- a bag of holding. The Drow warrior immediately stashed the bag in his things claiming that the bag was of Drow design and that Dwarves were too stupid to be able to craft such an item. The party however wasn’t going to just let these Drow take whatever they wanted, the agreement was that they could come along and take any Drow artifacts found and this bag doesn’t fit the description despite the Drow’s hasty claims. Tenri attempted to dissuade the Drow, stating that Dwarven blacksmithing and crafts were famous for their quality & magical properties as evidenced by the anti-magic runes as well as the architecture of the area they were in but the Drow were set on taking the loot for themselves. Deville thought he would intimidate the Drow into submission, but that attempt failed as well. Dog by this point had long since decided he didn’t trust the Drow so he took this as his opportunity to do something about them tagging along and attacked them. The Drow siblings put up a good fight, nearly killing Deville due to the warrior’s strange fighting stance, but the Drow were eventually overwhelmed by the power of our adventurers and slain. Gyuud, the Dwarven tavern keep in search of Dwarven artifacts, stated his dissatisfaction with the turn of events and decided he could go no further with our adventurers. The group tried to appease Gyuud, but his mind was made up to leave- not all was bad though, Gyuud promised to go repair the lift so everyone could leave. To smooth things over some more, the group said they’d bring Gyuud any Dwarven artifacts they found since he was a great help. Gyuud left on the lift and promised to send it back down once he got up.

Suddenly, as if they were waiting for the right opportunity to strike, a pair of undead skeletons emerged from the rubble and attacked the group. The undead cast a powerful blinking spell on themselves and just about wrecked the group with their powerful spells and attacks, but the group managed to push them back. Severely weakened, low on supplies, and unfortunately stranded in the destroyed citadel, the group attempted to make camp and heal up while they waited for the lift to return- staying down here was likely going to be a death sentence. Tenri decided to search around their immediate area some more to make sure there weren’t any more dark ones lurking about and to make sure there wasn’t any more unclaimed treasure waiting to be found. Tenri got lucky and found a spell resistant leather armor, but also happened to stumble upon another undead the party had to fight; this one being different from the others, possessing a strange visage of screaming souls where his head would be. The group fought him off and than another assaulted them shortly after, this one managing to down both Tenri and Deville leaving poor Dog to fend for himself. To make matters worse, instead of attacking Dog, the strange undead creature sucked Tenri’s soul out into his eerie visage- but luckily this distraction gave Dog enough time to rally his summons to destroy the creature thus returning Tenri’s soul. The lift returned by this point and the group hastily made their way out of the citadel.

The group decided to rest up on the lift before venturing back into grell territory. Half the group managed to get full rest before a few Grell wandered down during Deville’s watch, but Deville was quick to act and used a stunning gas pellet to quickly dispatch the Grell causing them to fall to their doom in the pit below. Not wanting to spend any more time here, the group made their way to the exit lift, only to find it wasn’t there! Tenri decided to fly up and find out what happened while the rest of the group hunkered down to prepare for the worst. Luckily, Gyuud had managed to repair the lift and escape, but he left a note behind saying he couldn’t lower the lift and was forced to flee after a life-threatening Grell attack. Tenri lowered the lift and the group managed to escape Belkram’s Fall back to the safety of Spider Haven. Let this be a lesson to not start disputes over loot when in an unfamiliar and dangerous place.

Chapter 17- The Sacred Text of a Dark Goddess

Chapter 16- Bag of Betrayal

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