Chapter 15- Welcome to Belkram's Fall

Chapter 14- Cut off the Head

Chapter 15 (5/27): Welcome to Belkram’s Fall

Once rested, the cult crushers decided to head back to the cult’s secret base to make sure the place was fully cleaned out. The place was deserted, but the group was able to find a gong that sapped Tenri a bit of his wits, a few treasure chests that Tenri expertly disarmed & unlocked (each containing a good amount of gold and a handful of potions), and a passage leading to the cavernous depths of Undermountain’s river ways. Once done clearing the cult base, the group reconvened at their favorite Skullport tavern and talked about their future plans. After some talk the group decided it was time to head back into the depths of Undermountain, to explore the dwarven ruins known as Belkram’s Fall- before doing this, however, there were a few loose ends to tie up and preparations to be made.

The group’s first stop was to visit Synnal of the doppelganger merchants, but with Brutram’s demise and Hukurus’s attack diminishing the guild’s presence, they were no longer interested in their previous plans for the adventurers. Not all was bad news though, Synnal revealed to Tenri that she was no simple Doppelganger but in fact actually a Fey’ri like Tenri that was investigating the doppelgangers. Synnal offered to help teach tenri more about his Fey’ri heritage when the time was right, though Tenri wasn’t sure how he felt about that since he grew up only hearing stories from Khelben about how they were a cursed people. Tenri tentatively agreed to take Synnal up on her offer sometime, but not right then since they were busy preparing for an expedition to Belkram’s Fall.

Once done talking with Synnal, Tenri sought a place to get his masterwork rapier sharpened to a keen edge and found a Drow blacksmithery that was able to do so. As it so happened the Drow siblings that ran the shop, Zelandra & Zanderdross, struck up a conversation about exploring Undermountain with Tenri and discovered his group was about to explore Belkram’s Fall. The Drow made a proposition to travel with the group and pay handsomely for it so long as the siblings could keep all the artifacts and rarities discovered in the Drow citadel that was nestled amongst the ruins. Tenri decided to confer with the group first and after bringing them to the blacksmith to talk it out, the two parties came to the consensus that the Drow would be admitted to travel with our adventurers but could only keep the Drow treasures found. The party told the Drow siblings and Gyudd, the Dwarven tavern owner whom Dog befriended earlier, to prepare themselves and meet the following day at the Undermountain river way they would hire a skiff to cross to the ruins. Deville took this time to travel to the temple of Pain and check in on his agony drug trade, all seemed to be going well as he was given more money to secure more agony- but was also warned that the temple master may be seeking to remove Deville. Ataraxian stopped by Halaster’s Heirs and reported his findings regarding a rogue mage named Jaxxon who happened to be the Shining Eye agent that aided the cult of Mershaulk and was potentially a double agent spying on the Heirs. The group met back together, teamed up with the Drow and Dwarf, than set out for Belkram’s Fall by way of skiff.

Before reaching Belkram’s Fall, the skiff stopped at a recently set up merchant’s camp where the expedition crew disembarked to find any local changes in Undermountain. Spiderpoint was the name of the camp- it featured a creepy tourist attraction Ferris wheel made of living-dead animals, a book shop, an alchemy shop, some small provisions dealers, and the area warden’s tent. Not much information was gained, but Deville did find out that the gaudy Ferris wheel owner was always on the look out for dead bodies to put to use. Not terribly helpful and somewhat disturbing. After the short detour to Spiderpoint, the group continued on to the lava tube that would lead down into Belkram’s Fall.

Once in the tube, most of the group corralled into a pulley cart that they could take down into the depths while Tenri flew down using his wings and Deville slow-falled with his magic ring ring alongside the cart. The party hit a slight snag when they passed through an anti-magic barrier, nearly causing Deville to fall to his doom, but he caught himself on the wall and Tenri managed to help him back to the cart. After descending further down and past the anti-magic field, the cart eventually came to a halt at a parapet joined to a series of guard towers suspended above the chasm below. The only way forward would be to explore the towers and make their way to another cart the group spotted in the distance. Exploring the guard towers, however, proved to be a bit of a pain- there were a handful of traps (some of which were set off, most of which the clever rogue was able to catch and disarm though), tentacled brain monsters named Grell and Grix that the group had to fight, and a few secrets doors with special stones the group collected that represented the pantheon of 9 Dwarven gods. Eventually the group wore down from all the batterings they were taking and decided to return to Spiderpoint to rest up, but the cart back up was rendered broken and inoperable after trying to use it to return. Unable to easily return to the surface, the group holed up in some barracks and rested up. Looks like this journey into Belkram’s Fall was going to prove to be a lengthy stay after all.

Chapter 16- Bag of Betrayal

Chapter 15- Welcome to Belkram's Fall

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