Chapter 13- The Cult of Snakes

Chapter 12- Of Paladins and Pirates and Missing Persons

Chapter 13 (5/6): The Cult of Snakes

Not entirely sure where to look next, the group decided to do a little shopping around town and keep an eye out for the priest of Oghma that visited the Turnip dealer. After a bit of stocking up and re-fitting themselves, Deville and Brisbane spotted a priest of Oghma in the crowd and decided to tail him. Pursuit lead the group to a dark alley and a secret passage that the priest entered. Deville and Brisbane regrouped with the party and they decided to go together to investigate the secret lair, however just before reaching the alleyway the group was ambushed by mercenaries.

The mercenaries demanded the party turn back, but our fearless crew was itching for a fight. Tenri struck out at the member of the mercenairies that looked like a practitioner of the arcane arts and he returned the favor by Fire-balling the party. A Fireball was strange enough for what the group thought were easy targets, but then the fighters and an archer entered the fray and proved quite formidable and well equipped. The battle was hard fought and members of our adventuring party began to drop, but Dog managed to sneak away using his ring of teleportation and began summoning an army of dogs to bolster their ranks. Eventually it came down to just the incredibly tough and menacing Mercenary leader and Dog’s dogs, everyone else on both sides had fallen in battle. It took a lot of work, but dog’s portable army won out over the seemingly invincible mercenary leader and the group made a hasty retreat after looting the corpses. Things almost went really bad for the party, so after resting up they went back into town to sell the gear they looted and stock up on some healing supplies.

Since using a head on approach seemed like a terrible plan, the group decided to form a stakeout team of their stealthiest people to catch a servant of Oghma off guard for questioning. Tenri and Deville waited for a while until a lone priest left the passage and then quickly captured the priest once far enough away from the secret door. Tenri and Deville roughed up the priest a bit and found out that this particular sect of Oghma had turned to the dark and started worshiping some kind of evil snake god named Merrshaulk. Lucius had rebelled against the dark priests and was taken captive, held somewhere below in their secret temple. The priest claimed to regret his actions and begged for his life, but the group was unsympathetic to evil god worshipers (and most people regardless of their worship, really). Deville bit off the priest’s nose to cause pain in the name of Loviatarr than he and Brisbane finished the poor guy off. Let this be a lesson folks, if you’re gonna mess with dark powers don’t be a weakl… er, I mean, something about how being evil never pays off and junk.

Tenri struck on the idea of disguising himself as the fallen priest in order to infiltrate the cult’s underground haven and see if he could find out what they were dealing with. Tenri took Dog’s teleport ring, altered himself into the priest, and made his way to the secret entrance to find the lair. Once inside, Tenri found a trap door leading to a musty wine cellar and a hallway leading further in past a few traps. Before Tenri could get much further, however, he encountered a small group of cultists with a nasty snake pet. Tenri attempted to beguile them, but they were not easily swayed. Tenri opted for plan B to lure the cultists out into the open for his party to take down… but only managed to get one to follow to the cellar.

Tenri called in his allies and they dispatched the cultist followed by the cultist’s friends who heard the scuffle going down. After fighting to take down the cultists and their snake pet the sound of a great many footsteps were heard coming from deep within the lair so the somewhat wounded and poisoned adventurers decided it best to retreat again. It appeared that subterfuge wasn’t going to get the party into the cultist’s domain either; can the group brute force their way through to find the fate of Lucius? The only lead on Lucias points to this hidden snake god temple so one way or another, the temple must be breached.

Chapter 14- Cut off the Head

Chapter 13- The Cult of Snakes

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