Chapter 12- Of Paladins and Pirates and Missing Persons

Chapter 11- The Shadows Walk Among Us

Chapter 12 (4/29): Of Paladins and Pirates and Missing Persons

Somewhat weakened from their encounters, the group rested up (interrupted only by two gelatinous cubes they quickly liquified) and made their way back to Waterdeep through the stone golem portal. Once in Waterdeep the adventurers searched for a source to heal themselves of their drained strength and made sure to tie up a few loose ends before heading to Skullport. Deville spoke with his contacts at the temple of Loviatar and made plans to break into the Agony business (a drug much sought after by the priests of pain) so that he might spread pain and screw over the temple leader of whom the entire party dislikes. Tenri spoke with Halaster’s Heirs and joined this time on a gamble that he could get Khelben, Tenri’s wizard mentor, to foot the bill on the monthly crafting costs, the gamble paid off much to the grumbling of Khelben- but before Tenri could embark Kehlben also warned Tenri that he should be wary in Skullport and should he need any help to seek out a sorceress by the name of Erysel. Ataraxian left the group again to study the arcane with Halaster’s Heirs, perhaps he was a bit shaken at the loss of a party member or felt he was being too distracted from furthering his mastery over the draconic arts. Dog sat around being Dog. Once the individual tasks were taken care of the group saw to it that Gertrude was shown to the forest and turned loose so that she might be free to terrorize the locals and rule the forest (hey, it’s not their responsibility for whatever she does, she’s her own raptor now and can do what she wants).

Now ready for Skullport, the somewhat diminished party made their way to the portal and traveled down into the belly of Undermountain where Skullport lay. Skullport proved to be a bustling city, several stories high with several districts and a large variety of races inhabiting each- from Drow to Dwarf to Orc to Illithid and so on. The adventurers quickly found Skullport to be quite different from Waterdeep, a much less savory place with a darker side to it (in other words our group was more at home here). After passing through the slave district the group made their way towards the docks so that they might inquire about the merchant doppelgangers, the Agony trade, and find out whatever other information they can about Undermountain.

Before the group could reach the docks, they ran into a strange plate clad half-elf named Brisbane. Brisbane had the appearance of a paladin of Gond (bearing the religious symbol on his Armour) and claimed to overhear the party talking about their plans in Skullport, being a local Brisbane figured he could help the group find the things they were searching for starting with a stop at the Black Tankard tavern in the Dock ward. The paladin seemed friendly enough so the group agreed to travel to the docks to find out more about Skullport.

Once in the docks ward, an unfortunate meeting took place between the adventurers and a recently arrived group of Pirates seeking new company- by force. A battle took place as the pirates attempted to capture the group and any nearby bystanders, but before the battle could completely sway one way or the other the Skullport police force showed up. A small group of flying skulls glowing mysteriously swooped down from the sky and declared Skullport a “NO DISTURBANCE” zone then proceeded to vaporize the pirates with eye beams. It was pretty rad. Due to the spectacle a large crowd of people gathered to see some idiots get disintegrated and among them happened to be the group’s former acquaintance: Elaith Craulnober, the powerful elven rogue who showed the group the way to Skullport in the first place. Elaith gave the party information regarding a few contacts they might seek out and proposed to pay the group to look into a mystery regarding a missing business associate of his: a man named Lucius of the order of Oghma who underwent a strange personality change five years ago. Lucius disappeared shortly after his personality shift but returned about a year ago with amnesia, no recollection of the events that happened during his 4 year departure, and back in his normal state of mind. A year went by and everything seemed to return to normal with Lucius but then he suddenly went missing again within the past week. The group agreed to look into Lucius’s disappearance, starting with his living quarters… after a couple short stops. Deville scheduled an agony shipment to his trusted allies within the temple of pain and discovered that the temple’s current master had a solid hold on his own shipments of agony. Dog happened to discover a potential ally in the owner of the tavern the group had made their meeting area in Skullport. The tavern owner, a dwarf named Gyudd, was greatly interested in the Dwarven ruins the party had discovered in Undermountain and wished to join the group in their next expedition into Undermountain. After finishing up with their side tasks, the group met up and traveled to Lucius’ dwelling.

Once in Lucius’ living quarters, there were several bookshelves full of random books, a journal with the latest entry regarding a visit to an orcish captain named Scarbelly along with something about Turnips, and a strange set of empty display cases in his basement. The next stop was rather apparent as the group went back to the docks to track down a captain Scarbelly. After some searching followed by monetary and beer filled persuasion, captain Scarbelly revealed to the adventurers that he had taken Lucius on a voyage in a ship wherein Lucius simply observed the orc crew for a time then disembarked in a land called Amm. Scarbelly didn’t know or care what happened to Lucius afterwards, so the trail grew cold again. On a whim Tenri decided to track down a local turnip merchant and found out that a priest of Oghma (the order Lucius was a member of) had visited and bought some a day ago. With no other leads, the group was at a loss for where to look next.

Chapter 13- The Cult of Snakes

Chapter 12- Of Paladins and Pirates and Missing Persons

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