Chapter 11- The Shadows Walk Among Us

Chapter 10- Attack of the clones

Chapter 11 (4/22): The Shadows Walk Among Us

The initial resistance against the party was fairly minimal, only a few grimlocks and drow lining the halls- however shortly after clearing some halls the party ran into the shadows. The shadows being some new evil creatures that assaulted the party in the mist portal room while they were fighting to secure the portal keys the party would need to later escape. The incorporeal beings were made entirely of shadow and their attacks drained the strength of their victims- the first being Dog who nearly died from the first encounter with them. To make matters even worse the shadow beings are invulnerable to attacks from non-magical sources, are barely harmed by pseudo-magical sources (magical weapons, for instance), and their strength leeching is incurable without a powerful divine caster’s aid… a thing that our group of companions is sorely lacking. The party managed to destroy the first wave of shadow attackers, however each fight with them would prove to be a strain on the party’s now limited resources and health.

After dealing with more shadows and clones, the party made their way to Hukurus’ lair- fairly drained of their stregth by the time they reached the hallways leading directly to Hukurus. If the party were to stand any chance at taking down Hukurus (especially if he turned out to be the source of the shadows and possibly guarded by the them) they would need a plan and some way of dealing with the shadowy assailants. After some deliberation, the group decided to allow Tenri to sneak in to the lair with Dog’s ring of teleportation. Tenri would scout Hukurus’ domain out, safely return with the ring of teleportation, and at best possibly create an opening for the party by launching all the charges on the necklace of fireballs that Tenri possessed- it would be the only hope against an army of shadows.

Tenri made his way to the lair, quiet as a cat and entirely undetected. Upon entering the lair, Tenri found Hukurus being guarded by two well-armed clones of the human noble they had fed to Hukurus and a distinct lacking of the shadow bastards. Deciding that this was the best chance they would get, Tenri nuked Hukurus’ posse with three massive fireball explosions then teleported back to the party to lead the charge on the wounded enemy. The result of this battle would decide everything, the result would be either the death of the traitorous Hukurus or the annihilation of our intrepid adventurers. The final battle to decide the fate of this area of Undermountain had begun!

After much fighting, the summoning of the vicious angelic hounds, the rending of scythe-like raptor claws, the earth-shattering punches of an enlarged and pissed off demonic monk, and the expertly placed strikes of a deadly rapier the battle seemed to sway heavily into the favor of our adventurers. Hukurus was severly wounded, his noble clones slain, and his end fast approaching- but then it happened. Hukurus retreated beneath the ground and chanted a spell to heal himself and buy himself time. The party attempted to smoke Hukurus out of his hiding hole, but to no avail- Hukurus was biding his time, but for what reason? He couldn’t run, he had no where to go except meet his doom and pay for the crime of crossing the vengeful adventurers. The answer came all too soon and unpleasantly in the shape of a small host of shadowy specters. Reinforced by the darklings, Hukurus rejoined the fight- nearly knocking Tenri and Deville unconscious. Things were looking grim, then they got even worse.

The shadows closed in on Dog and Brutram, Dog attempted to stave off the shadows with his hounds but they were not enough to stop destiny. Brutram bravely stepped forward to protect Dog and stood in harm’s way, but paid the ultimate price. The shadows drained the life essence from Brutram, his soul devoured right before the party’s eyes. Hukurus cackled with glee and taunted the party over their loss, but Hukurus’ taunt sent Gertrude into a blind rage and the raptor launched herself at Hukurus with unseen strength and ripped Hukurus to shreds. The party managed to dispatch the rest of the shadowy horrors in time to find Brutram’s corpse radiating a black aura shortly followed by the emergence of a new shadow creature- one created from Brutram’s soul! The adventurers engaged in one final fight with Brutram, sadly this time to defeat their fallen comrade and free him from the shadow’s embrace. The skirmish ensued and in the end they managed to vanquish their dark-touched comrade, but Brutram was no more. The conflict was won, Hukurus slain, but the cost was the life of the party’s druidic companion. Rest well, Brutram, you will be missed.

Chapter 12- Of Paladins and Pirates and Missing Persons

Chapter 11- The Shadows Walk Among Us

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