Chapter 10- Attack of the clones

Chapter 9- Tomb Troubles

Chapter 10 (4/8): Attack of the clones

Having returned to town to rest up and get a little richer, the party conferred with their new doppelganger companion to figure out the next best course of action for reaching Skullport. It seemed like the best option would be return to Undermountain to find a portal the party had missed in a certain swirling mist room, so back to Undermountain the party ventured. Upon reaching the mist room, the group solved a puzzle involving some tiles containing depictions of dwarves and received a single tile serving as a portal key for the hidden portal in the center of the room. The problem, however, is that it would appear only one party member can get through with a single tile, so Deville volunteered to investigate the other side first- finding what appeared to be evidence of some dark god worship, a strange lava tube, and a cavernous area around the portal entryway.

Before the party could procure more portal keys from the dwarven tile puzzle, the sound of footsteps were heard echoing throughout the hallways- and behind those footsteps was a large company of Hukurus clones! The filthy tentacled monster had betrayed the party, just as a certain dashing rogue predicted would happen. Hukurus himself made an appearance behind the procession of clones to announce to the adventurers that this area of Undermountain was his and that he was now more powerful than ever- no one would take this place from him again. After fighting the initial wave of clones the party came to realize that there seemed to be an endless amount of clones spewing forth from Hukurus’ lair and that the only option would be to flee from this area. Synnal, the doppleganger merchant who had been traveling with the adventurers, parted ways with the group so that she could warn her fellow merchants that they might escape Hukurus’ wrath. The adventurers decided to gun it for the nearest portal exit, but before retreating through the portal, Tenri struck on an idea to help thin the numbers of clones and hopefully tie up the creatures- before exiting through the portal to Waterdeep, Tenri activated the living statue trap and flew away to safety through the portal. The group would need to wait a little while before coming back to this level of Undermountain, for things to settle a bit and the living statues to thin out as many of Hukurus’ clones as possible… however they also can’t wait too long lest they allow Hukurus to continue making his clone army.

Defeated and unsure what to do next, the group decided they had to turn their efforts back to finding a way to Skullport. After consulting with the locals and taking a short detour to confer with the members of the shadow thieves guild, it looked like there were three possible ways to reach Skullport: by chartering a boat to follow a map they found, by going on foot through a dungeon keep outside of Waterdeep, or through the thief guild’s secret sewer passage (which the thieves insisted on giving a guided tour after they pulled a heist they were preparing for). After some deliberation, the group decided that the best route (and likely cheapest in the long run) would be to see what the thieves passage held for them… though the party never got that far- Brutram discovered the thieves were lying and immediately attacked them. The thieves confirmed they were about to spring a trap on the party but were instead quickly dealt with. The leader of the thief group was knocked unconscious instead of killed so that Deville could do horrible things to him, er, so that the party could get more information about Skullport from the thief.

Before the group got a chance to interrogate the thief leader, however, a shadowy figure appeared and killed the thief. The figure turned out to be a powerful elven rogue that claimed the thief stole some of his property then proceeded to reclaim his stolen possessions from the corpse before apologizing for interrupting. As recompense for slaying the thief before the party could find out what it needed, the elven rogue led the group to a portal in Waterdeep that would take them to Skullport. Tenri and Deville saw this as an opportunity to gain a potential ally and formed an agreement with the elf, whose name was revealed to be Elaith Craulnober. The agreement would allow the party to exchange information with Elaith in the future regarding some of the shadier dealings going on around Waterdeep, Skullport, and Undermountain. Having held true to his word of showing the way to Skullport, Elaith parted ways with the group.

Now that the group had secured a passage to Skullport, they decided it was time to deal with some unfinished clone business back in Undermountain. The group prepared themselves by purchasing some equipment, scouting out the area a bit with Dog’s magic ring of teleportation, and formulated a plan to first secure more portal tiles in case of emergency then proceed to Hukurus’ lair to exterminate that which should never have been allowed to live in the first place. The Waterdeep portal straight to Undermountain wouldn’t be usable, the clones had suffered major losses and were busy clogging he entrance to prevent the living statues from breaking through- the party would have to take the one-way portal and commit themselves fully to Hukurus’ destruction. It was a risky plan, but our party is kind of dum- er, brave and daring like that. All or nothing, the adventurers set forth to take back the area of Undermountain they had lost.

Chapter 11- The Shadows Walk Among Us

Chapter 10- Attack of the clones

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