Irusyl Eraneth

Mysterious Contact


Sorceress 4/Ranger 7/Wizard 19


This mysterious black-robed archmage buys and sells information from and to anyone for the right price. She maintains contacts in nearly every business in Skullport and the City of Splendors above it. No rumor large or small escapes her attention, for to her knowing about everything is a matter of pride.

She can be found throughout the taverns of Skullport where wits are numbed by alcohol and tongues are likely to wag freely, but her favorite locales are the Deepfires (LH7) and the Burning Troll (LP9) where she is as much a fixture as their tables and hearths. Never one to act incautiously, she always sits facing the door amid the shadows at the rear of the taproom with her back to the wall and one hand under the table.

Her long, black hair and arched eyebrows are all anyone can make out of her features most of time. Heavy black robes and a hood obscure the rest. Most assume she is scarred, ugly, plain, or a wanted person in disguise. She prefers to dress simply, and her robes are free of ornamentation. Hidden from view in their many folds are numerous charms, talismans, and wands.

She is never without a tall staff of polished cherry and walnut twined together into a solid shaft. Obviously magical, the staff is never out of her reach, magically standing upright beside her while she dines or conducts business.

Irusyl Eraneth

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