Hukurus, the Deepspawn

Monster Spawner




This level was once home to several deepspawn, but the death of Halaster inadvertently killed off most of these creatures. This turn of events proved opportune for an immature deepspawn named Hukurus, which was born in a lower level of Undermountain. The earthquake that shook Undermountain put pressure on monsters lairing nearby, one of which was Hukurus’s mother. Choosing its own survival over that of its offspring, the mother drove Hukurus out of the lair, and the young deepspawn eventually reached the southwest part of Level 2. Here, it found plenty of room, available food, and no competition from other deepspawn.

Hukurus is not fully grown and is aware of how weak it is compared to other Undermountain monsters. So far it is being cautious, securing a chamber for itself and sending its few available spawn to clear nearby rooms of enemies and debris. It can spawn only drow, dwarves, and grimlocks (three kinds of creatures its mother captured and fed it in the lair), none of which are common creatures on this level.
As it consumes more of the local inhabitants, it will learn to create other kinds of spawn to use as servants.

Hukurus, the Deepspawn

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